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About Us

Urbantrend Development is a company that was moulded out of our director’s pure passion for property development. The company forms part of the Urbantrend Properties and Development group of companies.

With years of involvement in different areas with in construction, creating a bespoke set of service offerings came natural to the companies’ owners. As they say, “there is no better way to learn then being in the client shoes and spending your own money”. That’s exactly what the Directors of Urbantrend Developments did and that’s how they developed their unique approach. Building homes for resale was the foundation for what was to come which in later years culminated in a home being featured in a leading South African Home magazine built by them…Urbantrend properties and development was born! 

Our approach of holding the client’s hand from well before we lay the first brick, to the time we hand over the keys of a completed home has really been what sets Urbantrend Developments apart. We use a network of partner service providers which include architects, interior designers, quantity surveyors, engineers and now even actuarial financial advisors that will assist you in making sure you make the correct financial decision within your investment portfolio. Our partnership with Van Riel Developers has added more then 30 years of constriction and development experience to our offering.

We also design, build and advise with the resale of the property in mind using the expertise of our sister company Urbantrend Properties. With years of experience in the real estate environment, even small decisions early on has proven to have huge effects on the property’s return on investment later. 

Urbantrend Developments is currently operational in Copperleaf estate, Steyn City and multiple areas with in the West Rand of Gauteng, South Africa. Please feel free to contact us should you being looking at building a home in any surrounding areas and if you would like to discuss parts of our service offering individually.