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House Botha 1797


Urbantrend Properties and development is a company that was moulded out of our director’s pure passion for property development. With years of involvement in different areas with in construction, creating a bespoke set of service offerings came natural to the companies’ owners. As they say, “there is no better way to learn then being in the client shoes and spending your own money”. That’s exactly what the Directors of Urbantrend did and that’s how we developed our unique approach. Building homes for resale was the foundation for what was to come which in later years culminated in a home built being featured in a leading South African Home magazine…Urbantrend properties and development was born!

Copperleaf Estate – South Africa | Started Construction – Oct 2018 | Est. Completion Date – Jan 2020 | Architect: SBE Africa (Pty) Ltd

Ground Story (m2)

Overhangs (m2)

Canopies (m2)

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First Story (m2)

First Story (m2)

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