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Brenden Harmse

Brenden Harmse

Managing Director

Brenden Harmse started his career in construction in 2007 when he was part of a management company that imported construction materials into South Africa. Equipped with a marketing degree from the University of Pretoria, he formed part of a specialist sales team that frequently attended building trade shows in various cities around the world such as Zhejiang, Hong Kong, Dubai, Moscow and here at home in Johannesburg to mention but a few.

He developed his appreciation for construction spending countless hours on construction sites in all the cities he had visited. He then started using his expertise on local projects at home and quickly became passionate about the trade. Brenden started developing homes in Gauteng, and now focuses on residential homes in luxury estates. He leans on his wife Sandra Harmse’s knowledge and experience of trends in the real estate market space as she is an owner of a real estate franchise.

Brenden later added a financial planning course at the University of the Free State to further enhance his property investment know how.