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Building your dream home is an exciting time and a goal that can be ticked off your bucket list. However, this dream can have so many different implications on your financial portfolio, and each of these need to be considered individually and as a whole, such as:

  • How will this impact your retirement aspirations?
  • Do you need more long-term insurance protection?
  • Will there be enough liquidity in your estate should you pass away?
  • Is the house and your contents sufficiently insured?
  • Does your will need to be updated?
  • How will this purchase impact your investment portfolio, and should different funds be selected to ensure your investment portfolio is sufficiently diversified to reduce risk.
  • What will the capital gains tax and other tax implications be for you or your trust?
  • Should the property be owned in your personal name or by your personal trust?

At RNC Personal Actuarial Advisors we offer holistic financial advice. We consider all different aspects of each financial decision so as to ensure it is in the best interest of you and your family. This enables you to have peace of mind that actuarial experts have implemented solutions and strategies to secure your financial well-being.


Our mission is to change the way the world views global real estate investment, placing it on a level footing with other recognised asset classes. We provide our clients with access to the best opportunities and deliver an end-to-end service that guides them through every step of their investment journey.